Vacherin Chef’s take on the Roux Scholarship challenge

This week two of our talented chefs have been preparing their entries into the prestigious Roux Scholarship.

Founded in 1983 by restaurant legends Michel and Albert Roux, this competition is focused on nurturing culinary talent and offering young chefs the opportunity to showcase their skills on a global stage.

Chefs Rebecca Tough and Ben Garnett-Sinclair have been studiously practising their dishes and honing their culinary skills - wowing us all!

Vacherin's new Culinary Consultant, Sabrina Gidda has been instrumental in guiding and advising them along their journey. Earlier in her career, Sabrina qualified twice for the scholarship, and her expert knowledge and expertise have been invaluable.

Our Executive Development Chef, Stephen Humphries has also been the driving force behind our entries this year - helping our chefs navigate the challenging list of ingredients and encouraging them in believing in their abilities.

We’re excited to see how Rebecca and Ben progress and wish them the best of luck in this challenging competition!