The Vacherin Quarterly Marketing Workshop

Every three months we host a marketing workshop that brings together our head chefs, managers and operations teams, to share the upcoming trends, food and drink concepts, CSR initiatives and creative offerings that will lead them into the new season.

Marketing & Innovation 

Our campaigns for spring include coffee campaigns, Vacherin’s new Greek pop-up ‘Nóstimo’ and biodiversity. The creativity extends to theme/awareness days and national and global events including Easter, Mental Health Week, British Sandwich Week, Volunteer’s Week, Pride and National Cream Tea day. These interactive (and tasty!) workshops ensure that our people that are aware of all the upcoming theme days and inspired to start planning their marketing displays early, so that when those days come around clients and customers alike are excited to take part! 

To share CSR best practise we hosted a sustainability swap shop! In this session we shared ways to replace products that contain unsustainable palm oil with like for like items containing sustainable palm oil. Also included in the swap shop were brands that use sustainable materials for their containers such as glass instead of plastic, an example being the glass bottles from Thirsty Planet, who also provide Elephant Pumps to meet the needs of rural communities.

And our war on waste continues… Extract coffee joined us to talk about their latest initiative, tea! We love that their teabags are biodegradable and can be disposed of in the food or compost bin.

Hello to Nóstimo

In the second quarter of 2020 we will be launching an authentic Greek pop-up aptly named Nóstimo, Greek for delicious. Created by our Food Team, Adonis Paraskevas and Candice Webber’s recipes feature tzatziki, home-made pitas, chicken gyros, Greek salads, taramasalata, walnut cake and a watermelon juice. We can’t wait to bring genuine, traditional Greek food to our customers this summer. Nostimo! 

Food and Suppliers 

We were also joined by supplier Town & Country Fine Foods who introduced us to La Rose Noire, gorgeously decadent baked goods.  

Moving onto our next supplier, the Sustainable Spirit Co whose delicious prosecco is made with 100% renewable energy, environmentally friendly packaging and suitable for vegans. Feel good prosecco for all our events and clients, what more could we ask for?

And lastly, we introduced to Belazu Ingredient Company (formally Fresh Olive Company), who encouraged us to sample their wide variety of products such as antipasti, grains, pastes, olives and olive oil! Samples were gone in a flash which can only mean that they will be at sites soon!

Marketeer of the Quarter

Huge congratulations to Aniko, Angie and their teams at ITV who were recognised as our Marketeers of the Quarter. They have impressed us all with their creative and engaging marketing initiatives and their use of tech, many of which support their clients’ own events and wellbeing activities. Their customers are certainly engaged and the feedback has been fantastic!