The hot topic across our industry is the staff shortage, and in particular the lack of chefs, of any level or standard, coming onto the scene. We continually hear our peers airing their frustration with staffing agencies or with the lack of interest in their own job ads – chat is great but somewhat futile!

So instead of dwelling on a situation that is, to an extent, out of our control, Vacherin took action. We’ve been recognising our stars of the future and developing them with great success. Across our business we boast two head chefs and one sous chef, all of whom joined us as kitchen porters, with no aspiration at the time of progressing to a chef role. And we’re incredibly proud of another six of our people who have started the journey from KP or kitchen assistant. We currently have sixteen apprentices – all of whom we’re developing and encouraging for theirs, and our, future success.

Andre, Vacherin Head Chef

     Andre, Vacherin Head Chef

The commitment needed from Dan Kelly, Director | Food and Exec Chefs | Development, Joby Couzins and Shane Cooke is their time and buckets of enthusiasm and support. There is no downside to bringing staff with potential through the ranks, only plenty of plusses. For Vacherin, it’s about future proofing our business – not only with the benefits that these chefs with their newly acquired skill sets bring, but the proof to potential candidates that when it comes to nurturing and promoting those with potential, we mean business. At a time when staff shortages are widespread, our appeal is more important than ever.

The results of our recent staff survey show that we are most certainly appealing: 97% of our staff said that they would recommend us to a friend. We’re very happy with that!

And we’re counting on this appeal to drive our recruitment at grass roots level. Yes, we know that finding good people for KP roles (and baristas, front of house staff and waiters) is challenging too which is why it’s so crucial to act now by showing all those much-needed people that hospitality is a career choice – it’s an industry that will invest in and cultivate talent, with a focus on retention and long-term mutual gain for both employee and employer.