Each and every year on hallows eve our exceptionally artistic staff get out the carving kits and sculpt the most incredible works of art from an array of new season autumn pumpkins. They create some incredibly ghoulish, scary and ghastly faces guaranteed to give our clients and customers a shock and scare. Although there is no competition for the best carved we all know they are all secretly competing to produce the best - it's plain to see the competition between units is fierce on insta every Halloween!

The question is what happens to all these pumpkins after Halloween? Most would probably say the bin but not at Vacherin. Well before Halloween we have the recipes ready to go to make an array of incredible pumpkin dishes from soups to cakes and bakes, ice creams and cookies right through to pumpkin dauphinoise to accompany roast beef and horseradish. Not a spoonful of those pumpkins goes to waste. Ok maybe a little of the skin goes in the bin but we even use the seeds so we have it pretty locked down. Below is a list of just some of the wonderful delights you can get across our cafes, dining hubs and restaurants for the next couple of days after Halloween. Happy to share the recipes; in the meantime 'Trick or Treat!'

Pumpkin soup with seeded gruyere croute

Pumpkin and potato dauphinoise

Banana, pumpkin and cocoa smoothies

Roasted pumpkin, feta and pomegranate salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and shredded spinach

Buckwheat and pumpkin flapjacks with seed crust topping

Pumpkin, courgette and parmesan muffins

Pumpkin curry

Pumpkin and mozzarella arancini with black garlic and pumpkin ketchup

Pumpkin and date sticky toffee pudding with pumpkin custard

Pumpkin and date chutney

Lentil, pumpkin and chilli stew with dumplings

Pumpkin risotto with crispy Carmarthen ham and dill cream

White chocolate and roasted pumpkin ice cream