Chefs Assemble at Pearly Queen Shoreditch

As part of our ongoing commitment to nurturing our team’s culinary creativity, last week our Executive Development Chef, Stephen Humphries, led a 'Chef’s Assemble' at the newly opened Pearly Queen Shoreditch. This seafood gem is helmed by the talented Tom Brown, a finalist on Great British Menu.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant East End, Tom’s menu celebrates the area's rich history and seafood traditions. From oysters to inventive fish dishes, each plate reflects a perfect harmony of flavours, complemented by coastal-themed cocktails. The atmosphere was as lively as the restaurant’s surroundings, and our team was warmly welcomed, settling into a cozy alcove that added to the rich ambiance.


Some of the standout dishes of the night included:


Crispy buffalo oyster with ranch dressing

Trout tartare served with tomato ponzu, egg yolk, and chicory

Grilled squid accompanied by rhubarb hoisin

Mashed potato topped with Guinness and oyster gravy

Lemon meringue ice cream paired with an exceptional yuzu sake


As a London specialist, staying connected to the ever-evolving food scene in the capital is vital. We look forward to our team bringing back flavours, stories, and inspiration to their own kitchens.