A Recipe For Success

We recently held our highly successful Chef of the Year competition at Westminster Kingsway College. The competition put sustainability at the forefront and aligning with The Sustainable Restaurant Association's One Planet Plate criteria.

The title of Vacherin's Chef of the Year was rightfully claimed by Chef Ludvina Hatert, Head of Hospitality, for her exceptional culinary creations that not only delighted the eyes but also embodied the essence of seasonality and food waste reduction while celebrating the finest UK produce.

Ludvina's standout dish, Halibut with artichoke, anchovies, and praline, elevated by a sublime curry madras sabayon, left the judges in awe. The esteemed panel included The Sustainable Restaurant Association's Laurence Hamdan, Douglas McMaster from Silo, and Vacherin's Managing Director, Phil Roker.

The competition showcased the incredible talent of the participating chefs and teams, as they dared to step out of their comfort zones to deliver exceptional performances.

Stephen Humphries, our Executive Development Chef reflected on the event;

“I was especially proud of our talented chefs and teams, out of their comfort zones, really pushing themselves and putting themselves out there to compete. Truly an amazing job by everyone.”

The competition's emphasis on sustainability not only highlighted the importance of responsible culinary practices but also served as an inspiration for the wider team to embrace their creativity and innovation.