Vacherin announce partnership with Doug McMaster

We’re thrilled to share that we are taking a bold step forward in our commitment to reducing food waste through an inspiring partnership with Silo, the renowned zero-waste restaurant based in Hackney Wick led by chef ‌Doug McMaster.

We’re introducing "Silo Stages" - a chef-focused sustainability initiative spearheaded by Executive Development Chef, ‌Stephen Humphries. This initiative will accelerate our efforts in reducing food waste across our business by empowering chefs to drive change.

Starting this month and continuing throughout the year, 21 chefs from Vacherin will embark on in person training stages at Silo, immersing themselves in its innovative sustainability ethos. Each chef is then challenged to bring back one impactful food waste reduction action that we’re calling - the 'Rule of Doug' - to implement across our 100+ sites.

During their time at Silo, chefs will dive into various aspects of sustainability, including the operation's unique fermentation lab, which is central to its zero-waste cycle. They'll also gain insights into creative techniques to utilise ingredients more efficiently, enhancing our sustainability efforts while honing their culinary skills.

Steve Humphries, Executive Development Chef says, "It's an amazing opportunity for our chefs to work with and learn from a global sustainability innovator like Doug McMaster. With the potential to create 21 tangible sustainability changes across our sites, the positive impact will be huge."

Doug McMaster shared his enthusiasm, stating, "It's an honour to have the chefs from Vacherin commit to 'The Silo Blueprint.' The Zero Waste approach deserves mass adaption, and this is a significant moment in that journey."

Phil Roker, Managing Director, emphasised the lasting benefits of this partnership, noting, "The lasting effects of these stages will be hugely beneficial for our teams, clients, and our business."

Exciting times lie ahead as we continue on our journey towards a more sustainable future!