Putting Health at the Heart of What We Do

At Vacherin we take yours and our health seriously, after all a healthy team is a happy team. We’ve teamed up with Gary Baverstock, as our inhouse registered nutritional therapist to offer a range of fantastic health, wellbeing and lifestyle workshops, programmes and consultations across our sites.

About Gary:

I am a degree-trained and registered nutritional therapist, and talented chef, specialising in nutritional biochemistry, functional medicine and clinical practice. I have over 35 years’ experience as a professional chef and 14 years as a nutritional therapist, after 4 years of intensive training where I graduated with first-class honours.    

My passion and enthusiasm for food and knowledge of cookery, coupled with my understanding of nutritional biochemistry can help people identify beneficial foods and understand their nutritional benefits, and promote self-empowerment and control over their own health and wellbeing.    

I believe that achieving a realistic dietary balance, that is sustainable, is key in promoting and maintaining good health and I understand the importance of the mind-body connection (how one affects the other) and its role in achieving balance and supporting health. 

What I offer 

  • Advice on company wellbeing – to help support existing wellbeing teams or updating policy 
  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle teaching - talks and workshops – with over 40 topics, that can be presented hybrid, webinar or as live sessions 
  • One-to-one nutritional therapy consultations ­– full clinical or express 20-30-minute sessions via teams or face to face 
  • Wellness programme – a seven session programme covering the four pillars of wellbeing Eat, Relax, Move and Sleep 
  • Weight management programme – nine-session programme builds on a solid foundation of evidence-based nutrition topics that cover the essential factors to promote better weight and health 
  • Dietary analysis (+ 1-2-1 feedback)  that can give you an accurate picture of the nutritional value of your food intake 
  • Cookery / nutrition workshops – for small groups learning to cook delicious dishes, such as vegan, 30-minute meals or how to create better balance 


This fantastic range of services can be arranged via our General Managers or contact Gary directly via email at gary.baverstock@vacherin.com or on 0781313637 .