entrée: your welcome


Transforming First Impressions into Lasting Relationships

In a world where first impressions are pivotal, Entrée elevates your brand experience with personalised reception services.

We offer a bespoke, white label service, adding value with a personal approach that is missing from so many corporate soft services.

Above all, we ensure all your guests are greeted with unmatched professionalism and warmth.

As the industry and corporate workplace continues to evolve, we take the time to understand and react to the latest market trends. Be this the application of technology or AI, adopting sustainability best practice, or nuanced market developments, we stay on top of trends to ensure we deliver a premium guest experience.

Discover bespoke reception and support services tailored for your brand:

- Reception

- Meeting room management

- Switchboard

- Corporate help desk

- Concierge services

- Lobby enlivenment

- Floor ambassadors

- Facilities support

Alice Barrett, our Head of Entrée, and her deputy Agnes Szelest, are the critical on-the-ground leaders of the Entrée team. They provide day-to-day account management across the business, ensuring standards are upheld, our people are supported, and strategic support is only ever a tube or bike ride away!

For more information, please contact our Head of Entree, Alice Barrett: alice.barrett@vacherin.com